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Translink Financial & Marketing

Work together with a translation agency with an eye for translating marketing materials and a keen knowledge of today’s economy and financial language – our high-quality output is guaranteed!

Financial institutions often find themselves in limbo when looking for translators who can properly translate their documents or work on projects that require texts be translated into another language. The most common concern is that a translator who is able to translate the general text well may still miss details of semantics, misunderstand technical terms, or even fail to correctly express important concepts, let alone the nuances of the text.

It is difficult to find translation agencies with specialists in the field of economics and marketing. Not only is there a vast array of global transactions with documents ranging from invoices and balance sheets to feasibility studies, but the semantics in the sector is continually developing. Not to mention the fact that the economy is changing on an hourly basis - if you’re not up-to-date, you will miss out. Marketing is also extremely important- and translators of advertising and marketing materials need a firm grasp of the communication skills that are central to the industry to ensure the translation conveys the right tone and message.

Translink has highly-trained translators who are experienced in marketing, are up to speed with latest economic trends and have worked with major corporations and institutions and national governments. Become our partner today!

Here at Translink, our translators keep up with current economic processes, understand their essence and, what is more, they even know how to use the specific economic terminology which expresses subtle nuances in the world of business and business relationships. It is important here to see the situation from within. Economic abbreviations and neologisms, especially those associated with recent events that have not yet been full comprehended or analyzed- can be extremely difficult to translate into another language. A case in point is the ongoing financial crisis, which is still affecting the world economy.

When we translate economic articles we convey the meaning of the original text. We create an exact copy, but in a foreign language. Here at Translink, our translators can translate the following types of economic text in an appropriate style:

  • all types of contracts and contractual documents;
  • balance sheets and other accounting documents;
  • economic statistics;
  • market research;
  • banking documentation (guarantees, reports, bank statements, contracts);
  • audit reports;
  • feasibility studies;
  • tender documentation packages;
  • business plans;
  • invoices, pro-forma invoices, goods consignment notes;
  • letters of guarantee.

Project managers are available 24/7, anywhere in the world. Translink prioritizes the needs of the client- whether it is a large-scale project with a tight deadline or a small one-off job, we make sure it gets done.

We are faster than our competitors because of our massive database of 1.5 Million terms and phrases on 120 languages. Start your first project with us today!

With 20 years’ experience of working on big events and large-scale jobs with deadlines, Translink has refined its workflow with state-of-the-art software, the best training courses and a three level quality control system that ensures all output is accurate and of the best quality.

With more than one million words and phrases in our database, we can significantly reduce the time needed to complete a project, thereby saving the client up to 30 percent. We have the largest database of technical terms in the financial sector.

It is no wonder that the majority of our clients are from financial industries. We work fast and deliver results the way they want. 


TransLink carries out economic translations for the leading players in the market. Government entities, foreign and domestic manufacturers, the suppliers of goods and services, and industrial giants get their economic documentation translations of the highest quality at TransLink. TransLink is the «mathematics» of economic translation!

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