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Interpreters and translators as fast as sport itself, anytime and anywhere… Satisfaction guaranteed!

Since the beginning of time, sports have helped bring people closer together, and now with the help of television and the Internet, anyone, anywhere can watch the same events whatever their language. However, thise globalization of sport brings with it the challenge of bridging language barriers.

Finding the right translators and interpreters for sports events is difficult because it involves more than just translating a language: success in the translation for sports requires specific skills: accuracy and speed, knowledge of the sport, charisma - especially for those appearing on television and a good general knowledge of and feeling for sport, especially in cases where the cultural context might be important.

Translink’s 20 years of experience in big international events, including the 2018 Olympics, proves our interpreters and translators have what it takes to get the message across. Let us root for your team. Partner with us!

Translink is not only internationally recognized as having the highest standards in translation and interpreting, it has also thrived in this highly-competitive industry. Not all agencies are able to do sports translation because of the many very specific skill sets required. From football to winter sports; from small audiences to arenas full of spectators-- we have translated for events of all sizes.

Translink credits its success in translation to a combination of effective software, high-level training and quality control. Our translators and interpreters-- both in-house and freelance undergo meticulous training and regularly take courses in their specific niche. We don’t just pick anyone for a job, we find the right fit for every requirement!

Translink’s massive database of over a million terms and phrases means we can translate faster than most of our competitors. Our three-stage quality control system is a guarantee of accuracy. Save up to 30% on your translation expenses with us! Get a quick quote today.

With offices in five countries and a hotline to contact our very best project managers 24/7, clients can reach us anywhere in the world, anytime they want. Need translating? Call us today!

  • Written translations for sport
  • Translation of text by specialists in the subject area
  • Editing of the text by an expert in the subject area
  • Online translation of news items and on-line linguistic support for clients’ sites around the clock
  • Overnight translation
  • Translation of slogans, index names, information stands, guidebooks, and other text
  • Translation of documents for VIP clients
  • Multi-language support
  • Translation of reports issued by senior state officials
  • First of complex names, etc.
  • High-speed on-site translations

We have worked with sports organizations including the International Olympics Committee, FIFA and FISU. We have supported events involving large numbers of activities, participants and translation demands! Ask our partners, we did not disappoint! Start a project with us today.

Because of our duty of confidentiality to clients, we are not able to give details of all the projects we have worked on, but here are a few the events we have supported:

  1. Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate FISU
  2. IOC - International Olympic Committee, Lausanne
  3. RZD Football Cup
  4. Sports Broadcasting Directorate of International Sports
  5. City of Sochi Administration Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation
  6. Executive Directorate of the 29th Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk 2019
  7. ‘Russia – Country of Sports’ International Sports Forum
  8. SportAccord Convention
  9.  Formula 1
  10. Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation
  11. Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Zurich

Translink’s experience and list of loyal partners is a proof of the quality of its work- whether for small events, large-scale projects or individual needs. Working with us is easy: Call our 24/7 hotline and we’ll connect you to a project manager. Call us today and save up to 30% on your translation expenses!


The customers of our agency can count not only on quality translations, but also on the following benefits:


before covering an event, we carefully study its specifics and build our work based on it


information that the TransLink translators work with when rendering translation services is under no circumstances ever disclosed to third parties


in our work, we use the most advanced equipment and technology (particularly designed for interpretation purposes)

We translate

Over 120 languages