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Translation for events, special occasions or one-off projects, whenever you need it, with a lifetime guarantee.


Organizing an event is certainly no walk in the park. However big or small the event, there are countless checklists of things to be done and people to coordinate things with. Communication with people who speak a different language or dialect from you can pose a particular problem. This communication could be in the form of documents, personal conversations, phone calls or emails and text messages.

Translation is not only important when organizing an event, but also during the event — especially for international programs. And once the event is over, there may be marketing materials or media products to translate or videos that need subtitling or dubbing.

However, as seasoned planners know to their cost, finding translators and translation agencies who can consistently deliver is far from easy. There are many factors to consider, including track record, knowledge of a specialist area of language, how many languages the agency can deal with, and deadlines and tight schedules.

Fortunately, Translink can solve your problems. With an impeccable 20-year track record and having worked on countless events, Translink has consistently demonstrated the benefits provided by its software system, special training modules and massive database of over a million words and terms in 120 languages. We are faster than most translation agencies! Get in touch with us today!

Do you want to know how to prepare oral and written translations for international events? Contact us and we will give you our own list of ‘life hacks’ – invaluable tips that have repeatedly proved to be effective, FOR FREE!

Translink has worked with countless organizations, companies and governments over its 20 years in the industry. Because of Translink’s holistic approach to providing language services, it has earned a reputation amongst its partners as reliable, fast and accurate. The combination of state-of-the-art software, high levels of training, a database of 1.5 million terms and words in different industries and three stages of meticulous quality control enables the company to carry out translation projects of any size effectively.

Translink is not just efficient; it is flexible and can handle even the most unusual  jobs. From individual documents  to complex corporate projects, whatever your translation needs, Translink will almost certainly be able to help you.

With ISO certification at the highest levels and alliance with international organizations, Translink’s experience with events all over the world has proved that it exceeds international standards. Don’t waste time looking for the right translators… Let’s start working together now!

Translink was the official provider of interpretation services for the following:

  • The 11th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.
  • Russia’s Chairmanship of the Group of Eight (G8).
  • The First World Social Security Forum
  • The 12th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
  • The 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan
  • Translink also provided interpretation services for
  • The 2009 Eurovision Song Contest
  • The 42nd International Advertising Association (IAA) World Congress
  • The 11th Moscow International Energy Forum «Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the 21st Century»

Translink has also provided written translations for the Sakhalin-2 Project.

In the course of over 14 years in the industry, we have accumulated invaluable experience in working on unique top-level translation projects.  A major part  of every project is the preparatory work, and our emphasis on this is one of the factors that ensure our translation work is carried out to the highest possible standards.

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