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Finding translators in the field of medicine is often harder than it should be. There are technical terms that an untrained translator wouldn’t be able to render in another language. Because simple mistakes in translation can have serious consequences, medical professionals need to make sure that they hire only the best translators there are.

Translink has expert translators who are also specialists in the field of medicine. They understand both the text and the subject matter and can translate even the most difficult terms. With three stages of quality control, Translink promises exact translation with a lifetime guarantee!

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With a vast database of translation phrases, industry-leading training programs and the strictest quality control with three stages of reviews, Translink can guarantee that all types of medical documents will be translated in exactly the right way.

Academic articles, reports, seminars and conference materials

Medical practitioners and experts in academia are always receiving and/ or sending out reports, seminar notes or even conference materials to their colleagues around the globe. It is a translator's job to make sure that every word of the author can be understood as if it was originally written in the audience’s language. Translink’s medical translators can guarantee to do just that. Work with us today!

Certificates and licenses

From approbation of medicines to everyday medical certificates, Translink translators translate accurately in more than one hundred different languages. Because of its extensive database of terms, we can translate medical certificates and licenses faster than any other translation agency. Get yours translated today!

Marketing materials for pharmaceuticals, websites and more

What sets Translink’s translators apart is their training. Both in-house and freelance translators undergo a specialized training program exclusive to Translink. This training includes learning about the industry and how to sell its products effectively. Translink’s translation services can help sell your product. Let us make you more sales now!

Clinical trials and clinical results

The large number of clinical trials conducted by medical experts around the world are a vital part of Medicine. The results of these trials help researchers find cures for dreaded diseases and even everyday pains. Because medicine is an exact science, translations must be free from mistakes. Translink guarantees precision at the highest levels.  Work with the best translation agency by clicking this link!

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our specialists have extensive experience in translating medical texts and years of successful work in this field

Among our in-house translators, there are translation experts who have relevant qualifications, specialist training, as well as the knowledge base necessary for the accurate translation of medical texts, articles and assessments of any complexity level. In our work, we successfully use the Translation Memory technology, which significantly simplifies the translation process as well as makes it faster and cheaper.

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