Software Localization

Localization plays a vital role when new software is rolled out to the global market.

Localization of software is the process of adapting a software product or system to the language and culture of another country. It includes the translation of the user interface, documentation and Help/User Guide files from the source into the target language.

Solutions supporting several languages have a better chance of success in an expanded consumer market, and can also help promote the status of the developing company or brand to a new level. Localization implies not only the accurate translation of the textual materials, and ensuring that the translations work properly in the context of the interface, but also the preservation of the software builds. Localizers therefore have to be familiar not only with the subject matter of the software product and the specifics of translation into the target language, but also need to understand how the software works.

Please be advised that translink translation agency will accept for translation only genuine software to which the client owns the rights

Localization is a complex process which is carried out by a group of specialists, including translators, technical designers, programmers and testers, and requires the participation of the client. To deliver a high quality turnkey product, our specialists establish and maintain continuous communication with the client to avoid any errors and misunderstandings. Only if we work on the project together, we can guarantee that the final product will fully meet your expectations.

Translation of a software by translink is done in several steps

1. Assessment of the volume of text to be translated

2. Assessment of software adaptability, pseudolocalization of the software to identify potential problems in its localization, translation, editing and proofreading of the text

3. Creation of a TM based on the LocKits of previous versions (WinAlign)

4. Proofreading by scientific editors who are experts in the subject matter

5. Development and maintenance of a glossary for the project using MultiTerm

6. Coordination of terminology with the client.

7. Automatic monitoring of consistency of variables with the help of SDL Trados tools.

8. End-to-end monitoring of terminology and translation quality.

9. Linguistic testing.

Software localization
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Complex multilevel process

Localization is a complex multilevel process requiring an engagement of various specialists.

Our team of experienced professionals is capable of handling tasks of any complexity and scope.
Entrusting your localization project with TransLink, you can be sure to receive a successfully adopted high quality end product.