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Today we rank 46th in the world (according to the Language Services Market: 2016 study) and one of the five largest translation agencies in Eastern Europe.

We translate

Over 120 languages

Our advantages

Helping businesses grow anywhere in the world

You will be the first

Offices in 5 countries: you request the translation in the evening and receive the finished translation next morning

Organization of events worldwide: we have an interpreter anywhere in the world

Project managers are available 24/7

We can provide any number of simultaneous interpreters even for the large-scale event

Target audience will definitely understand you

Our own database contains 1.5 million unique terms and definitions in 70 languages

Our translation quality is confirmed by the international 17100 LICS certificate

Consultants specialized in your industry and the target country work with your project

Our staff includes native speaking editors residing in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East

No need to worry about deadlines

Our business processes fully comply with ISO 9001

Our proprietary translation management system will keep you updated on your translation in real time

We are experienced in carrying out complex and urgent projects, i.e. translation of 50 000 pages in 6 months

Quality Guarantee

Five steps translation quality

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