Equipment for simultaneous interpreting

It is hard to imagine a world without international collaboration between individuals, companies and whole States. The growth of the language services market year-on-year proves that there is more and more collaboration of this nature each year. Hence, the demand for quality language services will continue to rise.

Common formats of meetings between international partners are conferences, exhibitions and business forums, where participants need to understand speakers in real time. This is accomplished through simultaneous interpretation and accompanying equipment.

We care about our clients, which is why we have purchased simultaneous interpreting equipment with a wireless multi-channel system that guarantees digital audio quality, Bosch Integrus that ensures flawless sound transmission.

Three other reasons to order equipment from our translation agency TransLink:

  • we will take care of all your delivery and installation needs;
  • the agency has 14 years’ worth of experience organising large-scale events involving hundreds of VIPs and requiring great attention to details;
  • we offer flexible pricing schemes and beneficial offers to our regular clients!

Quality audio at your event will ensure:

  •  comfortable working environment is created;
  • Set procedures are followed;
  • Event status is raised.

Collaborating with TransLink is both convenient and prestigious!

Our managers can offer consultations and help you choose the best option with an optimal price and quality correlation to ensure your event is perfectly organised.

Our equipment range includes soundproof booths that guarantee comfortable working conditions for interpreters and thus quality simultaneous interpretation at your event. TransLink has its own closed and table top soundproof booths that will become a staple for interpreters’ comfortable working environments.