Translink Language Solutions

Fast and accurate interpreting, anytime and anywhere, for business or social events, quality guaranteed!

Highly capable interpreters are hard to find, mostly because of what is required of them - speed, precision and an understanding of the subject matter, whether it is business or relates to a client’s individual needs. Often, in international business dealings or high level negotiations, interpreters not only need to translate what is said, but also need to be highly skilled in understanding the area of business and the wider context of the negotiation. An understanding of the other party’s culture and traditions also plays an important role in such transactions.

Translink has a pool of highly-trained interpreters, experienced in different fields of business and subject areas, speaking 120 languages, available 24/7. 

Be it for business or personal projects, using our consultancy approach Translink Linguistic Holding can find a translator anywhere in the world who specializes in the client’s individual needs. Since 2003 we have interpreted for  major international events and provided comprehensive language support including written translations, localization, and training.

Telephone conversations and teleconferences

Guided tours

Negotiations and business dealings

Consecutive interpreting

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