Translation services

TransLink is the fifth largest translation company in Eastern Europe and the largest multidisciplinary language services company* in Russia.

Founded in 2003.

*According to the 2016 Language Services Market Report, prepared independently by the specialist analytical centre Common Sense Advisory.

TransLink Translation Agency delivers fast and accurate results of exceptional quality, while bringing an insightful customized approach to each order.

If you need to order a technical or literary translation or interpretation services, the translation of personal documents or agreements or have translated documents notarized or apostillized, please feel free to contact us.

We recommend that you place an order for simultaneous translations in advance; otherwise, you run the risk of not finding an expert for the required date.

To get started, please fill out the service request form available on the TransLink website. Our representatives will get back with you shortly to clarify the details of the project.

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

The extensive experience that TransLink Translation Agency has accumulated throughout its years of successful operation is the best guarantee that each of our clients will receive an impeccable result while enjoying exceptional client service!

الترجمة التحريرية

نحصل على اعتماد سنوي وفقًا للمعايير الدولية. ويسمح لنا نظام مراقبة الجودة الصارم المتبع في شركتنا تقديم ضمان مدى الحياة على عمل المتخصصين لدينا.

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توطين البرمجيات

يُقصد بالتوطين ترجمة وتكييف المواد الأصلية لتتناسب مع الخصائص اللغوية والثقافية لمختلف الأسواق الإقليمية.

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الترجمة الفورية

منذ عام 2003، تنظم شركة TransLink القابضة للخدمات اللغوية خدمات الترجمة الفورية في الأحداث الدولية المقامة على الصعيد العالمي.

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