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Get complex legal terms translated in their proper context, anytime you want by legal translators who know the law!

Legal language presents one of the greatest challenges for translators, as every country has its own law, legal system and legal terminology. Not every translator is up to the job!

Lawmakers and legal practitioners often find it extremely difficult to find good translators who can translate legal texts into another language without distorting the meaning. A misinterpretation of the law can have very serious consequences, which makes it all the more important, and all the more difficult, to find the right translators.

Translink is trusted by governments and law firms around the globe. With experts equipped with a high-level knowledge of the law, a meticulous program geared towards excellence, a stringent quality control system and our lifetime guarantee, there is no one who can do the job better than we can. Click here now and start your translation project with us today!

With a vast database of over a million terms and translations for 120 different languages, Translink is the global brand accredited for transfers to the UN. Business processes and the most recent ISO standards for translations.

Because time is money, Translink offers both speed and accuracy: we can complete clients’ projects faster without sacrificing quality and save them up to 30 percent! A system of interconnected software and databases, the best experts in the field and a unique three-level quality control system give Translink a competitive edge. And we can manage large-scale projects - not every company can boast of translating a hundred thousand pages in just a few months.

To ensure that precise meaning of legal texts is never distorted, Translink organizes special legal translation training programs for its translators. Still not sure? Translink is confident enough to offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee!

In order for your legal documents to be officially valid abroad, they need to be legalized. Translink provides a full range of legalization services.

For more information on this matter, please see the following sections of our website:

  • Apostilles and the apostille process
  • Legalization by Consulates
  • Notarized translations

Translink translates all types of legal documents:

  • Contracts and agreements
  •  Powers of attorney
  • Licenses
  • Constituent and charter documents
  • Bank guarantees
  • Financial statements and accounting records
  • Laws and regulations
  • Legal opinions and memoranda
  • Certificates
  • Protocols and minutes
  • Tender bids and applications
  • Business plans, business correspondence
  • Court judgments and resolutions

With a 24/7 hotline to contact our project managers, and offices in five countries, your concerns will reach Translink anytime, day or night! Visit this page today and get a quote for your project now!

If the United Nations and governments in different parts of the world trust Translink with their legal translations, you can too! From translations of highly complex contracts to interpreting for international conventions, Translink has done it all. Join our community of satisfied clients and avoid stress when entering into a global translation!

Stop wasting time looking for the right translation company. Translink’s legal translators will do the job for you. Still don’t trust us? Ask these companies:

Contact us at the branch nearest to you and a Translink project manager will answer any questions you may have.

If you are still not sure about Translink, remember our lifetime satisfaction guarantee! Noone is better equipped to meet your translation needs than the largest multidisciplinary translation company* in Russia.

  • We provide accurate, full, clear and detailed wording and definitions;
  • We have access to databases of highly-specialized legal terminology;
  • We use specialized checking software to ensure the correctness of all numbers in translations;
  • When translating legal documents our translators use a standard legal style;
  • They comply with documents’ formatting requirements, and, if necessary, check that the documents are consistent with the current state of the law in the target-language country;
  • They comply in full with their duty of confidentiality;
  • We have a specially-trained quality control team - a unique development in the translation industry – who make sure that all acronyms, abbreviations, figures and tables are correctly translated and included in the final document;

Our managers work together with the client’s specialists to develop and confirm technical tasks, so that we can ensure that our technology is used accurately.

You can save up to 30 percent and double or even triple your earnings in a global market! Contact us today.

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